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    Hoyos Consulting will work with you to understand both the business and technical aspects of your network, and help you reap the benefits of IP networks – keeping your capital and operating expenses low, but your network up to date.
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Network Consulting

Hoyos Consulting was founded initially, solely providing engineering and consulting services to the service provider market, including ISP’s that span multiple states, and a number of local Wisconsin service providers. We take the same mentality whether you are a large multi-state service provider, or a small business – meeting your expectations, on-time, and on budget.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Network Assessments and Audits
  • IP Network Design, Planning and Architecture (IPv4 and IPv6)
    • Routing
      • BGP
      • Multi-VRF environments
      • Policy Based Routing
    • MPLS
      • Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs / PWE
      • Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE, FRR, etc)

  • Firewall/Security Design
  • IPv6 Transition Planning and Implementation
  • Wireless Networks
    • Site Survey
    • Design and Implementation
    • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint backhaul links
    • Mesh Networks
    • Wifi Hotspots, indoor and outdoor

  • Optical Network Design
    • CWDM/DWDM design, custom mux/demux design and procurement
    • PON/FTT*
    • Custom SFP/XFP/GBIC
  • Metro Ethernet Design
  • Carrier Negotiations and Peering Arrangements (transit/public and private peering)
    • From T1 to 10GigE circuits, transit and transport circuits, let us help you find the right partner!
  • ARIN Resource Requests (IPv4/IPv6/BGP/etc)

Data Center and Co-Location

Let Hoyos Consulting take the worry out of managing your own data center! Whether you’re looking for a disaster recovery site, or want to host your application in one of our secure datacenters, we can provide what you are looking for! We can connect you to one of the many carriers in the buildings below, or provide bandwidth to you directly.

We will work with you to provide a customized solution to fit your needs, even if you’re looking to start with one rack unit (RU), or a full on build-out with a private rack or cage. We can also provide Hoyos Consulting Managed Services in any or all of these locations.

Hoyos Consulting LLC currently has three colocation facilities, located in the best connected buildings in the Wisconsin area. Our facilities are all monitored 24/7/365, via redundant internet/network connectivity.

222 W Washington Avenue, Madison, WI (MSDNWIAD/Network222)

612 W Main Street, Madison, WI

324 E Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI (MILWWIAU/Wells Bldg)

View a map of our Data Centers and On-Net Buildings

Internet Services

Our customer-service oriented approach to providing internet service ensures that you can confidently rely on a robust network to keep your business connected. We support over 500 buildings in the Madison metro area, keeping clients connected with the most reliable service available. Additionally, we can easily provide our end to end services anywhere in the world!

View a map of our Data Centers and On-Net Buildings

Ethernet/WAN Services

Hoyos Consulting provides reliable and redundant carrier ethernet services across the US. In the Madison, WI area, we have over 500 on-net buildings where we can either provide EPL/EVPL/EPLAN style services to a common meet point, or create a WAN network for your multiple locations. We also partner with and can provide many other last mile connections where we have established NNI's with other carriers. Let us take the complexity out of your WAN network and dealing with multiple carriers, and we can be a simple, one stop shop! We also can offer dark fiber services in the Madison, WI area, and provide and facilitate carrier transport (10/100g wavelengths) in the midwest area

Event Networking

Hoyos Consulting provides reliable Internet service for corporate events, trade shows, and other high-attendance events. Our knowledgeable team of network engineers and our excellent equipment ensure that your event will experience top-notch connectivity.

We make sure that your attendees, vendors and clients will have the best network experience available. Say goodbye to frustratingly slow connections and unreliable service, with Hoyos Consulting you can be confident that the network will reflect the high quality organization and commitment to satisfaction expected of your entire event.

Managed Services

Let Hoyos Consulting be your network partner. With our managed services you can rest assured that your internal network will be maintained professionally. Hoyos Consulting will manage your network infrastructure to keep your internal connections strong and reliable without the headache of sourcing your own network administrator.

Whether you operate a single location or need robust connectivity among multiple locations we can offer you an affordable solution to maintaining a connected workplace. Our friendly technicians are responsive and will take your calls and concerns seriously, we understand how valuable a good network is to productivity and business development.